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Four Questions Every Schlumberger Employee Should Answer Before Retirement

As a Schlumberger employee, you have worked hard to achieve where you are in your career. As you look towards the next phase of your life, the uncertainty that comes with retirement can sometimes be unsettling. Before you say farewell to your fellow Schlumberger employees and move into retirement, here are four questions you should have answered.

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ExxonMobil Pension Update: Q4 2022

Concerns around the effect that higher rates have on the ExxonMobil Pension Plan’s lump-sum values continue to be a key theme throughout 2022. As we highlighted in our pension updates in February and April, higher interest rates (driven by inflation) cause a negative effect on the value of your ExxonMobil pension. We’ve helped many ExxonMobil employees assess the negative impact of these rates on their retirement plans and, where appropriate, recommended an earlier retirement date to avoid pension losses. If you’ve elected to stay with the company, it’s important to understand where things stand now, and what future interest rate moves might look like. Will rates go higher? Will your lump sum go lower? We discuss more below.

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Q2 Segment Rates Reduce ExxonMobil Pension Lump Sums

As inflation drives prevailing bond interest rates higher, a knock-on effect that directly impacts employees of ExxonMobil is the reduction of lump-sum distribution value for the ExxonMobil pension plan. The vast majority of current employees are subject to a lump-sum calculation that uses “Segment Rates” to determine the present value of the pension annuity payments. For many employees, rolling over the lump sum of the pension value into an IRA is an attractive option at retirement. Increased Segment Rates reduce the lump-sum – in some cases dramatically.

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