About Rhame & Gorrell and Our history

Rhame & Gorrell Wealth Management (RGWM) and its advisors have been providing sound financial advice to The Woodlands and Greater Houston community for over 25 years. After decades of wide-ranging experience with various large firms throughout the investment management industry, Jeff Rhame and Michael Gorrell made the decision to become an independent fiduciary registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm in 2016.

Jeff and Mike’s goal with RGWM was to deliver an industry-leading wealth management experience different from the garden-variety process clients get with the big-box companies. RGWM removes the conflicts of interest that arise from commission-based compensation, and we give advice that is legally required to be in the best interest of the client (Brokers can’t say the same!) From the beginning, our focus has been on the specialized needs of successful families, business owners, and corporate executives. These clients typically need advanced strategies across the investment, tax, and estate planning landscape – capabilities that can be difficult to find with large national firms with low average portfolio size.

Our team, which has grown to include 5 Certified Financial Planners managing over $500 million dollars in assets under management, is proud to serve clients whose loyalty has endured for over 25 years. While Houston and The Woodlands will always be home, RGWM’s clientele has expanded throughout Texas, the rest of the U.S., and even internationally.


Managing investments is not enough. Here, clients receive a one-stop solution to address all the facets of economic success and protect their financial legacy. With us, you can be confident knowing you have talented professionals with a deep understanding of what it takes to retire with the lifestyle you want on your side.

We’re honored that clients have placed their trust in us, and we’re driven to earn that trust every day by giving high-quality financial advice that’s in the best interest of our clients and their families.


While not easily seen from the outside, the average client size of a firm is extremely important. Why? It helps you to identify the type of client your advisor is best suited to serving. Firms typically do one of two things - 1) specialize in the advanced planning needed by high-income and high-net-worth clients, or 2) take a volume approach and serve a higher number of smaller portfolio size clients by using a fast-paced, scalable, “cookie-cutter” process that doesn’t require the same level of care and effort that a comprehensive approach requires.

At Rhame and Gorrell Wealth Management, our typical retired client entrusts us with over $2m in assets – several times higher than many national firms you may see in commercials. This means that we are experts in assisting high-income & high-net-worth individuals in navigating the investment, tax, and estate planning complexities of their situation.

If you’re looking for excellent advice on the wide array of challenges that successful individuals face, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with our team for a complimentary strategy session.